Easiest Way to Boost Your Mood

boost your mood

A routine prescription for women with depression and anxiety is exercise. Regular physical activity of any sort can lift sagging spirits in at least three ways. 1. Reduced tension in the muscles, which is largely responsible for your feeling “uptight” and “in knots.” 2. Quicker metabolism of excess adrenaline, a stress hormone that can keep […]

Hurting? How Counseling Helps

Lucy Ann Moll

Biblical counseling will bring the life change you want as well as peace, contentment, calm. God has worked a miracle in my life and in the lives of my counselees, and He can work a miracle in you too. Biblical counseling goes by other names: soul care, pastoral care, even intensive discipleship. It leads to […]

How to Be Joyful Every Day!

white daisy on blue sky

“REJOICE ALWAYS.” I bumped into this two-word Scripture just before life spun like a Tilt-o-Whirl. The command to “rejoice always” looked so good on the pages of my Bible that I selected it as a memory verse to lift me up. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will […]

Do You Stuff God in a Drawer?


I kind of, sort of stuffed God in a drawer. My focus was all about finishing a book, speaking, and counseling. All good things, but not the best. I even devise a way to finish the book. A stick: deadline! A carrot: vacation day! You’ve probably used the same approach on your kids. You know the […]

3 Best Lessons God Showed Me

Lucy Ann Moll

Puffed up with career and family all planned out, I trusted in my own abilities. Why not? I knew everything, right? God rescued me from my pride and stupidity and taught me three lessons that changed me for the good. He reminded me I’m not God. He is. Even as a Christian I tried to depend […]

What Real Love Looks Like to Kids

butterfly on white background

I stepped into “Little House on the Prairie” reruns when I visited friends’ homes during childhood, it seemed. People in these homes blessed each other with words of affirmation: “Beautiful picture, honey. I can barely wait to show grandma.” “You remembered to put away your books. You are so responsible!” “I appreciate that you called home […]

Why Self-Care Is NOT Indulgence!

self care

Self-care often seems indulgent to me. Doesn’t the word indulgence smack of laziness and mindless Netflix marathons and too much dark chocolate, too much Chardonnay, and just too much? When my friends at Dare Whimsy streamed an online show on self-care, they invited me to join the panel. I bowed out. Why? Work. And maybe just maybe. […]

Does Hope Really Heal?

hope heals

I woke up sobbing, my tears spilling the pain of a secret childhood memory. My husband reached for my hand under the quilt, his green eyes searched mine. “What’s wrong, Lucy? What happened?” “I don’t know,” I lied. I knew the reason for my tears, these salty signals of pushed-down pain. With no warning the […]

The Ultimate Goal of Biblical Counseling!

heart change

As you probably know, biblical counseling is my passion. It also is my work. I’m a certified biblical counselor on staff at Biblical Counseling Center in greater Chicago, where we meet with counselees in person and by Skype. Some of you may wonder, What’s the ultimate goal of biblical counseling? Are you unsure of what biblical […]

How to Stop Food Cravings

how to stop food cravings

You’re driving and out of nowhere a food craving strikes. It comes quick. It comes strong. You may crave a Snickers bar or chips or ice cream or a Ding Dong. Perhaps you salivate thinking of strawberries, carrots, or freshly baked multi-grain bread. Up the road sits a 7-Eleven, beckoning. Choose Your Choice  What should you do? […]