juliestaigerJulie Staiger had every reason to hope no more.

I’ll tell you why in a sec. First, an invitation: Please tune in to the Sisterhood of Beautiful Warriors blog talk radio show, which I host every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Central. Listen live or to the archive later in the day or week. You’ll receive comfort, encouragement, even a few laughs.

That said, let me tell you about Julie.

Over two years, she became ill,

was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease,

moves out of state away from family and friends,

grieved the loss of her mother-in-law,

became pregnant (even though the doctors said she couldn’t) and found out she was carrying triplets (with no use of fertility drugs), one of whom might die,

had a seizure while pregnant,

then another,

five days after giving birth, found out her home had dangerous black mold

now homeless, bunked with various families while searching for a permanent place,

had no income after her pastor-hubby resigned his position,

then two more relatives die,

more seizures, and

was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Too many trials! Who can endure them? Listen to the show to hear the rest of the story. Miracles abound: the tumor disappears and doctors can’t explain why, all three babies are healthy and thriving, and Julie learned how to get up and walk through anything, praise God.

You Are Loved!


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