Life sends surprises.

Some good: In the 1990s, I wrote three health books, selling lots of copies. 

Some not-so-good: An unexpected storm blew in soon after my husband and I adopted a baby from Russia in 2000. Specialists diagnosed John with several medical problems.

Some really good: One day when gray clouds bucketed rain, I prayed, “Lord, will I ever write another book?” I hoped for a “Yes,” not for me but for John, because if God gave his nod to my writing then I knew my little guy would be okay. And he is. He’s my miracle child. But that’s another story.

More good: God used my eight-year break from writing to heal broken places in my own life and to speak a call into my heart:  to show women how valuable and beautiful and significant they are in Christ, so that they know and experience real joy every day and share it with others. Yes!  As the Holy Spirit renews a woman’s mind, God heals her heart, changing her and making her beautiful in Christ. She is free.

Even more good: I used to think I was alone in my insecurities. Then God opened my eyes and I saw hurting women in every row of every church. He whispered to my heart, “Tell your story, Lucy.” And so my speaking ministry began, timidly. Nowadays – by God’s power, not my own — I share “Hope in the Storm,” a story of John my miracle boy at women’s events. It’s a favorite, pull-out-your-Kleenex and praise God kinda talk. I speak on other topics too. Go to my website and click Speaking. 

Now a confession: As I tagged events as good, not-so-good, and more good, I wondered, “Whose truth am I believing?” God’s or mine.

And you know what?

I don’t know.

Things I consider a “not-so-good” trial may turn into a triumph.

And if no trial hit, then I’d miss out on experiencing the triumph.

But I want to experience the triumphs.

In the triumphs after trials, I glimpse the glory of God.

What about you?

Please leave a comment on a time you glimped His glory in a triumph. Thanks!

You Are Loved, Lucy

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