Shirley Crowder – Birmingham AL

“Disciple-making” is my passion. I define “Biblical counseling” as “Intensive Disciple-Making.”

I am passionate about Biblical counseling for two reasons: First and foremost, the Lord commands that we “make disciple-makers.” Secondly, throughout my life the Lord has blessed me with countless men and women who have discipled me, and have modeled for me how to be a Christ-follower. I would not know my Savior as Lord in the way I do without these men and women pouring into my life.



Specialized areas of counseling:

  • Addiction
  • Sexual Sin
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Marriage Issues


I consider my 45+ plus years studying and learning the Word of God as the best Biblical counseling training I have received.

In addition to attending four Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) conferences/trainings, I have attended numerous Biblical counseling conferences sponsored by Truth in Love Ministries and Briarwood Presbyterian Church.

I was part of the launch team, and helped develop the training curriculum, and serve on the national Advisory Committee for The Addiction Connection.

Counseling offered in person, phone and via Skype

Skype ID: throughthelensofscripture
Twitter: @ShirleyJCrowder

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