Onto the Sisterhood! Will You Come?

beautiful-warriors-headerWhen I began Real Hurts, Real Hope more than a year ago, my purpose was to give hope to Christian women who hurt and to the people who love them. This remains my passion.

Healing the brokenhearted is my heartbeat. It’s God’s work for me and my joy.

God spoke a “second step” to my heart too: The Sisterhood of Beautiful Warriors. Click the link and take a peek.

My beautiful warrior blog encourages Christian women who have struggles — and don’t we all? — to acknowledge their pain, bring it to the Lord and leave it at the cross AND to embrace the truth of who they are: God’s little girls all grown up, completely loved and accepted by him.

In a few days, I’ll pour Real Hurts, Real Hope into The Sisterhood of Beautiful Warriors and I’m asking you to come along. I plan to send you the Beautiful Warrior blog and let it minister to you. If you don’t want it, tell me. Just send an email to Lucy@LucyAnnMoll.com. Sound reasonable?

A few things my Beautiful Warrior blog gives you:

~ encouragement, just as you are

~ reminders that you are who God says you are

~ opportunity to hear from other Christian women who’ve faced difficulties and found hope

I’ll post Monday through Thursday and some Fridays at Beautiful Warrior. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Here’s the lineup, which’ll change with your input 🙂 ~

Rainy Days and Mondays

Blog Talk Tuesdays

Warrior Wednesdays

Let’s Give Thanks Thursdays

Funny Fridays

In case you’re asking, Why the change? I can’t keep up with two blogs and do both well. A girl’s gotta know her limitations and where God is leading. 

You Are Loved!


A More Beautiful You?

I turned my backside toward the bathroom mirror and peeked over my shoulder. Dimples? Lots of dimples. Ugh.

My middle child told me the other day, “I’m not pretty.” She is drop-dead gorgeous. Gray eyes that sometimes turn blue or green. Lashes that go on forever. In jest (but in all seriousness!), I say,

“Stop lying or I’ll have to put you over my knee.”

“You wouldn’t mom, would you?”

“Just try me.”

I smile big. She smiles big.

My eldest is 20 and, of course, gorgeous. Chocolate brown eyes, perfect eye brows, thick hair that she used to hate because it wasn’t stick straight. She doesn’t like how she looks in a swim suit. What woman does?

In my counseling, so many, many women say they’re ugly. They have a warped mirror. What about you? Do you embrace yourself, your shape, size, color, your uniqueness?

Please watch this short music video and listen carefully to the last verse. It’ll touch you deep. Turn down my music player first and leave a comment if you have a moment. Thanks.

Would you like my free eReport “You Are Beautiful, Seeing Yourself As Jesus Does”? Simply send me a message here and write free You Are Beautiful ebook.

You Are Beautiful, Lucy

A Champion Against Destructive Relationships

Welcome to Beautiful Warrior Wednesday!

The other day I received a “Most Beautiful Warrior” nomination from one of my blog readers, Mary Dreisbach. Thank you, Mary, for introducing me to Leslie Vernick. She a champion against destructive relationships and is this week’s winner of the Most Beautiful Warrior award. Congrats, Leslie.

Do you a Christian women deserving this award? Leave a comment or send me an email at Lucy@LucyAnnMoll.com.

A speaker, counselor and author Leslie help women:

  • Discover the courage to deal with destructive relationships.
  • Heal from a negative self-image or poor self-esteem.
  • Confidently speak thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.
  • Encounter God’s peace in the midst of suffering or difficult loss.
  • Develop the discipline to turn dreams and desires into reality.

Here is one of her teaching videos. It’ll help you identify whether you’re in a destructive relationship. It could be a husband, a family member. . .even a pastor.

Leslie’s nominator Mary says, “She speaks out against domestic violence and destructive relationships and helps guide peleslie_headshotople to a better understanding of how to lead happier, godly lives by counseling with practical biblical truths. She encourages women to break the chains of destructiveness in their relationships. She has a passion to enrich the relationships in our lives that matter most.”

Visit her website and linger. You’ll find answers to lots of questions you may have.

You Are Beautiful, Lucy

Bald Is Beyond Beautiful

Welcome to Beautiful Warrior Wednesday!

Heather is no weenie. A self-proclaimed “cancer butt-kicking, sometimes witty, mostly loved, mom of three and wife of one,” she makes a bold, I mean bald, statement.

She’s beautiful. Beyond beautiful.

I  met her on Twitter and adore her tweets. Seriously, who cannot fall in twitter luv with a Christian chick who loves Tuesdays, thinks Taco Bell is yummy, homeschools in her jammies, jokes about brain surgery and prays real: “Lord, help my attitude. Amen.”

Her honesty welcomes me. I wish she lived next store. Her website’s tagline: Its not about the hair. Its about the heart.

Thanks, Heather. I need your reminder of proper perspective. To you I give this weeks Most Beautiful Warrior award.

Here’s a bit of her story in her own words at Especially Heather:

What have I learned?

It isn’t about the cancer. . it’s about the journey. . It’s about seeing life through cancer’s eyes and being better because of it, being more whole and more alive despite it.

It’s about living.

Sure, there are going to be days when you look in the mirror and think “Who is that person, and what did she do with my hair?” But. . .it’s not the only part.

It’s not the defining part.selfportraitof-heather

I am still a mother. I am still a wife. I am still a daughter. I am still a daughter of the King. I am still the same Heather that I was before I found out that I had cancer, just a little more a lot more mature and a heck of a lot less naive. I still have the same heart, the same dreams, the same desires. I am still me, cancer can’t take that away.

It only made me stronger.

You Are Beautiful, Lucy

Mary E. DeMuth: Chasing Away Secrets

Welcome to Beautiful Warrior Wednesday!

beautifulwarrioraward1I met this week’s recipient of the Most Beautiful Warrior Award on sunny-outside, stormy-inside day. Knowing the economy had whacked publishing with a two-by-four, we writers made nervous talk while presenters smiled confidence.

Except Mary.

Mary E. DeMuth appeared real. I liked that. I slid into the seat next to hers and asked her to sign Daisy Chain. She scratched,  “May you find redemption in this pages.” Her penmanship lack perfection. I liked this about her too. Not a faker. Sweet. Maybe she’d tell me the truth. She did.

We spoke of publishing and of dads too distraction by depression to love their little girls. The allotted fifteen minutes vanished, and I found my next conference appointment, but I thought of Mary.

She makes safe places to chase away secrets, even at writers’ conferences. Among her first books: Building the Christian Family You Never Had and Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God. Tenderly, honestly, she says run to God, run, run, run. He is the answer. He loves you despite your secrets.

Painful secrets. Dirty secrets.

“You’re the first person I every told this to” secrets. Her memoir Thin Places, available January 2010, reveals her healing heart.

“For those of us who have survived sexual abuse, life twists and turns in alleys of confusion. Thank God He picks us up thousands of times, dusts us off, heals us, and enables us to continue walking. That’s been my story. I was sexually abused by neighborhood boys throughout my kindergarten year. That was nearly forty years ago, but the mark they left on me, though faded, is still there.

“Someday, when the New Earth dawns, I’ll be free of this mark forever. And Jesus will use every trauma to beautify me — not with the earthly type of beauty I sometimes long to praised for here on earth, but an ethereal, eternal beauty. I pray the Lord would truly, deeply use my own markedness to change the landscape of the Kingdom of God. In this way, I can revel in the mark, be openly cautious about the vulnerabilty the mark creates, and thank God for His protection and provision along the journey.”

This is the one-minute trailer for her memoir.

Besides her books and Relevant Blog, website, e-Newsletter, speaking engagement, and writing spa — whew! now I’m pooped — she has squirrelled a pearl: My Family Secrets, another safe place where you may share your family secret anonymously.

She says, “So many of us live with secrets that haunt us, keep us awake at night, or noodle their way into our lives. Some secrets are marydemuth2funny (think: embarrassing moments). Some are tragic. But many hold us captive. . ..That’s why I created this site. . . Because the truth is, despite the darkness, there is hope.”

Yes, Mary, there is hope. Thanks for your willingness to share, to care. You are a Most Beautiful Warrior.

You Are Beautiful, Lucy


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