4 Awesome Reasons to Prayer-Walk!


Do you want decompress? When you prayer-walk, your peace and joy returns. Here’s why. Here’s how. Have you slumped through a day when everything seemed wrong? Maybe you got a pay cut, or your computer crashed, or the pet barfed on the carpet. You’ve had up to your eyebrows with the pressure of stress, and […]

A Minute of Hope (with God as Workout Partner)


Hi friends, Today debuts “A Minute of Hope with Lucy,” my short hope-filled weekend videos. I’d love to do a video on a topic close to your heart. Leave your idea in Comments. Scroll to the very bottom of this post and you’ll see “Leave a Reply.” By the way on Tuesday I’m running a […]

Mama Needs a Time Out


I asked a few hundred women in a Facebook group this Q: What is your top mama need? Three kept popping up:  A support system of family and friends, time alone, and encouragement. Psst: If yours isn’t listed, please send me a contact message and I’ll address yours in a blog post or give you an answer […]

Guess Why I Hate the Super Bowl


I hate the Super Bowl. I love football. Cheered the Irish alongside my dad on Saturdays. Now I tweet Bears on Sundays. What’s the disconnect? Any big event is big business for traffickers of sex slavery. The traffickers bus in the girls and women and boys on Super Bowl weekend. The johns pay to indulge in sexual […]