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A Minute of Hope (with God as Workout Partner)

Hi friends, Today debuts “A Minute of Hope with Lucy,” my short hope-filled weekend videos. I’d love to do a video on a topic close to your heart. Leave your idea in Comments. Scroll to the very bottom of this post and you’ll see “Leave a Reply.” By the way on Tuesday I’m running a […]

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Mama Needs a Time Out

I asked a few hundred women in a Facebook group this Q: What is your top mama need? Three kept popping up:  A support system of family and friends, time alone, and encouragement. Psst: If yours isn’t listed, please send me a contact message and I’ll address yours in a blog post or give you an answer […]

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Guess Why I Hate the Super Bowl

I hate the Super Bowl. I love football. Cheered the Irish alongside my dad on Saturdays. Now I tweet Bears on Sundays. What’s the disconnect? Any big event – including the Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3 – is big business for traffickers of sex slavery. The traffickers bus in the girls and […]

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God, Heal My Unbelief

The biggest struggle of Christians is unbelief. Yes, we Christians are born again and attend church and pray and read the Bible. But. . . in day-to-day living — between paying bills, helping with homework, and finding time to laugh — we Christians doubt God more than we care to admit. Did God really say […]

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How to Have Mountain-Moving Faith!

How to Have Mountain-Moving Faith!

How to Have Mountain-Moving Faith! Imagine what would happen if you had mountain-moving faith in Jesus power. Your arms would reach to the hurting, the poor, to HIV-positive babies. You’d accept folks who don’t look like you or smell like you or talk like you. You’d embrace the outsider, whether she wore brand-name stilettos or tattoos. At stores and office buildings, jails and […]

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3 reasons to prayer-walk

3 Reasons to Prayer-Walk! Do you want peace? When you prayer-walk, your peace and joy WILL return. Here’s why. Here’s how. Have you slumped through a day when everything seemed wrong? Maybe you got a pay cut, or your  computer crashed, or the pet barfed on the carpet. When your day is crazy hard, it’s […]

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got a problem? God wants your attention now

When a problem pops up, God is trying to get your attention. He wants you to listen and to encounter Him today. Why? Because he cares. FRIENDS, TODAY I ALSO BLOG AT BASICS MATTER. PLEASE VISIT. The other day my counselee (whom I’ll call Cheri) fell flat on her back — literally, flat on back  […]

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