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funny marriage

Funny Marriage Video Nails It

Communicating with a man can give you a headache, literally. A splitting headache as he drones, “If you just did x, y, z, then. . ..” Or, “You know what your problem is?” You want Mr. Answer Man to shut his mouth, drop the remote, and give you a hug or hand you a Tylenol when […]

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Your New Name: Daughter

Sweet sister, you are God’s precious daughter. You belong to God’s family. When I was a little girl, my dad lived in shadows. Quiet, even sullen, a rare smile. And yet, he taught me how to play chess and instilled in me a love of football. He did the best he could. Only years later did my […]

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holy sweat habits

Holy Sweat of Godly Habits

Habits. Without them, life as you know it would be impossible. You’d need to relearn how to dress, eat, drive a car–even how to make coffee. Gasp! Poor habits harm us. Consider the habit of drinking a 12-pack of beer daily. Or the habit of turning to ice cream when you feel sad or angry, […]

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HELP: I Need Grace!

How I need grace! You too? The next few weeks, let’s discover your true identity in Christ. As you discover your true identity, you’ll see how God has extended you grace, or unmerited favor, which is a church-y way of saying that Jesus made a way for you to know him and love him, not because […]

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Counseling Women Abused as Kids

“Counseling Women Abused as Kids” was first published at Biblical Counseling Center, where I serve as Communications Director. Despite parents’ best efforts, sometimes sex abusers hurt children. The effects can last a lifetime. Women respond to being sinned against in different ways. Listen to these Christian women’s struggles. A 30-year-old shares that during her teens, […]

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Reclaiming Your Purpose

Are you lost on your way to your purpose? You’ve got company. Lost! Directionally challenged. That’s me. On the road and in life, getting turned around happens to me a lot. While following a path toward my goal of helping women have hope, I stumbled. My focus fuzzed. What happened? Busyness invaded. Finally, this crazy-busy-stumbling fuzzy-focused counselor […]

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PTSD, Abuse and HOPE!

God loves to heal women sexually abused as children, who often develop PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Are you among them? Do you know someone who is? First, let’s get real: Two Truths 1. You are not alone. 2. There is hope. Tragically, among the deepest crises is sexual abuse. It sickens the soul and […]

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