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Don’t Make This Counseling Mistake

I made a monster counseling mistake . . . as a counselee. My mistake? Assumptions! I wrongly assumed a Christian counselor would counsel according to the truths of the Bible. Before continuing, may I say this? There are wise Christian counselors trained as professional state-licensed counselors who counsel hurting people with the gospel of Christ. Perhaps […]

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How to Stop Ugly Thoughts

Every woman has ugly thoughts. Good news: You can replace ugly thoughts with truthful thoughts and renew your mind. Here’s a tool for you. Grab paper and a pen. It’s time to chart. Today you learn how to: 1. Identify an ugly thought you believe. 2. Recognize the link between your thoughts and your feelings, […]

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How to Handle a Bad Friendship

Some women are roses, a few are thorns. But even rose bushes have thorns, so how do you handle the hurt? Two solutions pop into mind. 1. Drop your friend. 2. Stick with your friend. Which solution seems best to you? What choice have you made in the past when a friend has hurt you? Is […]

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how to be good enough

How to Be Good Enough

You don’t have to do more, more, more to be good enough. You already are good enough. You already are amazing. God says so. He made you, so wouldn’t he know? Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see […]

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4 Keys to Ending Bitterness

You can learn how to end bitterness and live better.  You can exchange bitterness for “betterness,” says biblical counselor and teacher Sherry Allchin, M.A. Chances are you know the look of bitterness. It … sours your face, may raise your blood pressure, and contribute to other unwelcome physical ailments. wards off friends, coworkers, even family […]

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