Hurting? How Counseling Helps

Lucy Ann Moll

Biblical counseling will bring the life change you want as well as peace, contentment, calm. God has worked a miracle in my life and in the lives of my counselees, and He can work a miracle in you too. Biblical counseling goes by other names: soul care, pastoral care, even intensive discipleship. It leads to […]

What Real Love Looks Like to Kids

butterfly on white background

I stepped into “Little House on the Prairie” reruns when I visited friends’ homes during childhood, it seemed. People in these homes blessed each other with words of affirmation: “Beautiful picture, honey. I can barely wait to show grandma.” “You remembered to put away your books. You are so responsible!” “I appreciate that you called home […]

Does Hope Really Heal?

hope heals

I woke up sobbing, my tears spilling the pain of a secret childhood memory. My husband reached for my hand under the quilt, his green eyes searched mine. “What’s wrong, Lucy? What happened?” “I don’t know,” I lied. I knew the reason for my tears, these salty signals of pushed-down pain. With no warning the […]

How to Stop Food Cravings

how to stop food cravings

You’re driving and out of nowhere a food craving strikes. It comes quick. It comes strong. You may crave a Snickers bar or chips or ice cream or a Ding Dong. Perhaps you salivate thinking of strawberries, carrots, or freshly baked multi-grain bread. Up the road sits a 7-Eleven, beckoning. Choose Your Choice  What should you do? […]

3 Ways to End Perfectionism


Perfectionism is a myth. You may drive yourself nuts trying to attain it. Or, you may face-plant into the wall of “I cannot do it” and give up and retreat. You may even find a frenemy in dark chocolate. This is my go-to happy place. What’s yours? Either way, all-or-nothing thinking turns into anxiety, even […]