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HELP: I Need Grace!

How I need grace! You too? The next few weeks, let’s discover your true identity in Christ. For starters, a believer in Jesus is a saint! Yes, you still sin. Yet God calls you a saint — all because of Jesus. How cool is that. My Bad I used to think I had my ducks […]

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Counseling Women Abused as Kids

“Counseling Women Abused as Kids” was first published at Biblical Counseling Center, where I serve as Communications Director. Despite parents’ best efforts, sometimes sex abusers hurt children. The effects can last a lifetime. Women respond to being sinned against in different ways. Listen to these Christian women’s struggles. A 30-year-old shares that during her teens, […]

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overcoming difficult emotions

Overcome Difficult Emotions? 1.0

Do you want to overcome difficult emotions? Who doesn’t?! Your difficult emotions – and your happy-joy-love-hope ones too – communicate important information to you. This is wonderful: As you grasp their meanings, you can begin to overcome difficult emotions. Emotions Say Something Important Emotions result from your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Try to hear the […]

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Your Heavenly Father Loves You. . .

  . . .even when your dad hurts you. May I introduce you to Karen Rabbitt? She wrote Trading Fathers: Forgiving Dad, Embracing God, a memoir of her journey from brokenness to wholeness. It reveals the sexual abuse she experienced at four years old at the hand of her father. The abuse, the mixed messages, […]

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blessing abounds

Your True Identity: Blessed!

When my husband and I adopted our first child as well as the two who followed, well-meaning folks often declared, “How blessed are your children to have you as parents!” I replied, “No, I am the blessed one.” And I meant it. God blessed me. He blesses you.                                                                                    God has not only blessed me, he […]

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Chosen! God Chooses You

God chooses you. Yes, you are chosen. Doesn’t this truth warm you better than sipping hot cocoa on a snowy winter day? This is the second post in the True Identity series? Read the first post now. A new college freshman at a huge university, I feared . . . loneliness. My solution: join a […]

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Where Is God?

When guys cheat on their wives, wackos abuse 2 year olds, and church members feel lonely, I sometimes wonder: “Where is God? Specifically, where is God when you hurt. When I hurt. Today a friend encouraged me to look at today. Only today. May I ask, as my friend asked me, How can you worship […]

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