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How to Improve Your Emotions

How to Improve Your Emotions

Do you want better emotions? Who doesn’t?! This article first appeared at Biblical Counseling Center, where I’m on staff as a counselor and communication director.–Ed. Your difficult emotions like anger, fear, and sadness – and your happy-joy-love ones too – communicate important information to you. This is wonderful: As you grasp the meaning of your emotions and learn how […]

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How to Get Extra Happiness

Isn’t your brain amazing? It is the environment of your inner thought life. Wonderfully, your God-created brain is “neuroplastic,” meaning it changes and thus can grow “happiness” pathways. Conversely, the opposite is true too. (Really. So think well, friend.) As you think healthy, godly thoughts, these new positive thoughts rewire your brain in a good way. […]

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How to Help a Divorced Christian

Divorce is a bottomless well. It undoes the Christian woman divorced by her husband. It confuses the kids too. Friends sometimes scatter. When Mr. and Mrs split, all relationships change but one. God loves you — divorced and broken. He loves your ex too. Some folks in church may compound the pain of divorce. Tragic. While the […]

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how to be good enough

How to Be Good Enough

You don’t have to do more, more, more to be good enough. You already are good enough. You already are amazing. God says so. He made you, so wouldn’t he know? Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see […]

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4 Keys to Ending Bitterness

You can learn how to end bitterness and live better.  You can exchange bitterness for “betterness,” says biblical counselor and teacher Sherry Allchin, M.A. Chances are you know the look of bitterness. It … sours your face, may raise your blood pressure, and contribute to other unwelcome physical ailments. wards off friends, coworkers, even family […]

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