Practical Help for PTSD!

practical help for pstd

Women who’ve faced a significant trauma sometimes develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the name given when a person struggles greatly after a very difficult situation. It has been described as a “normal reaction to an abnormal situation.” PTSD affects many more people than combat veterans and people who endured 9/11 closeup. 70 percent of adults […]

3 Ways to End Perfectionism


Perfectionism is a myth. You may drive yourself nuts trying to attain it. Or, you may face-plant into the wall of “I cannot do it” and give up and retreat. You may even find a frenemy in dark chocolate. This is my go-to happy place. What’s yours? Either way, all-or-nothing thinking turns into anxiety, even […]

How to Get God’s Favor


Dealing with disappointment is hard. You know that. I know that. You didn’t lose the 10 pounds you vowed to drop by July 1 (or gain the 10 — a sliver of a minority, I know). Your teen (actually mine!) has filled out a dozen-plus job applications and had three interviews and still no job. […]

Why Counsel Hearts to Hope?


  My ministry to counsel hearts to hope was born out of my own pain. Among them, loneliness and isolation. I’d go to church desiring friendship with godly women, but it seemed everyone was talking to everyone else and they knew the secret handshake or the secret password or whatever and I didn’t. I was the wallflower, just another […]

4 Keys to End “What If” Worry

what if

Usually when you hear “what if,” the next words turn dark. . .like a moonless night? Fear creeps. You’ve felt the creeping “what if,” haven’t you? “What if . . .my husband loses his job?” “What if. . .a monster molests my precious child?” “What if. . .someone learns my secret?” (What if. . .everyone […]