Worry is EVERYWHERE today and it’s making you sick. It’s making me sick.

Since worry is bad, why engage in it? You and I can stop worrying now. You and I cannot change tomorrow today. We cannot change today by worrying.

Plus God said, “Do not worry.”

When I Worry. . .

Here’s what happens to me when I worry:

1. I feel stress in my body. My neck, my back, my head. Almost anything can bring on my worry-stress. Kids, housework, husband, work. . .my attitude.

2. I eat poorly. No Ding-Dongs for din-din. But less fruit and LOTS of chocolate and skipped meals.

3. I skip exercise. Hey, why not? It gives me more time to ruminate on my worries. Ha!

So How Do You and I Stop Worrying?

Simply, FOCUS. Be as intent as the cat in the photo above. Focus on Jesus and his love. Focus on God and his greatness and protection and care.

Stop focusing on yourself. Be other-centered. Be God-centered.

With a new focus, right now decide one thing you can do — yes, action! — that helps someone. I’ll start with a few ideas and I’d love to hear yours. Leave your idea in COMMENTS below:

Write a thank you note and mail it.

Help your child with a school project.

Phone a family member or friend and ask about her life.

Take a walk.

THINK ON IT: How does helping someone squash worry?

Here’s Hoping!

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