This chart is a simple and amazing tool to help you have real hope today.

It helps you do at least 4 things:

1. Clue in to your emotions.

2. See your actions that follow your emotions.

3. Identify the lies you believe.

4. Choose to replace the lies with God’s truth.

As you overcome the toxic, ungodly thinking that mess with your emotions and behavior, you’ll discover the contentment you desire.

The Chart

Keep your journal (or paper and pen) with you throughout the day so you may promptly record toxic thoughts. Let’s begin with an example so you see how it works.

On your notebook paper, set up your categories like this:

THE LIE. . . . . . . . . . . . . .EMOTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .BEHAVIORS

Step 1. Under “The Lie” write a common negative, ungodly thought. Then jot down the resulting emotions under “Emotions.” Now list your behaviors under “Behaviors.” Here’s an example.

THE LIE: “I’m stupid”

EMOTION(s): Anger, depression, loneliness

BEHAVIOR(s): Yell at the kids, slam the door, eat a bag of chips

Step 2. Under “The Truth” replace the lie with a biblical truth or a Scripture verse. Then write the likely resulting feelings under “New Emotion” and likely behaviors under “New Behavior.” On your notebook paper set up your categories like this:

THE TRUTH. . . . . . . . . . NEW EMOTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . NEW BEHAVIORS

Here’s a corresponding example.

THE TRUTH: God says all His works are wonderful, so this means I’m an okay person and He’ll help me.

NEW EMOTION(s): Hope, courage

NEW BEHAVIOR(s): Hug the kids, smile, complete the job application

Step 3. Chart the lies you believe, your emotions, and your behaviors daily. As soon as you recognize a lite, replace it truth. Ask God to help you believe His truth. You’ll begin to see a change in your emotions and behaviors as you replace lies with the truth.

Step 4. Be patient and persevere. You didn’t develop destructive thinking patterns overnight. In fact, they have started in childhood. It may take weeks, sometimes months for you to demolish stubborn lies. Stick with it. As the Holy Spirit renews your mind, you will catch the lies you believe earlier and earlier, exchanging them for the God’s truth, and will experience wonderful contentment.

Do you want extra help in demolishing the lies and experiencing contentment and real hope?

Contact Lucy and ask about her loving, effective, affordable Christian biblical counseling. You’re worth it.

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