Do you want to make peace with food AND discover God’s purpose for you? Check out these free chapters from my eBook FIT FOR LIFE, 7 Secrets to Peace with Food and Your Body, God’s Way. If you like them, you can order the 10-chapter eBook with weight chart and sample recipes. Fast, easy download.

Food As True Friend, Introduction You CAN befriend food. . .finally.

Food As True Friend, Chapter 1 Discover how to think well to eat well.

Food As True Friend, Chapter 2 You need to speak words of life to your soul. Here’s why. Here’s how.

Order the 10-chapter eBook with weight chart and sample recipes. Fast download.

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Controlling People The Control Freak Are you a control freak? Did you marry one? Learn to let God be God. 

Domestic Abuse Safe, At Last How you can help a friend in domestic abuse or get help for yourself.

Loss Why Does God Allow Pain? Delve into the Old Testament Book of Job for insight on handling loss and the resulting emotional pain.

Single Moms The Single Mom When the life of a single mom becomes a headache, here’s where to turn to the help you need.

Stress Burdened? Lose the Stress, for Good! Are you “stressed” by life’s burdens? You’re not alone.

Counseling A Wrong Way to Counsel Why is biblical counseling better than psychotherapy for emotional problems?

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