Imagine a slum on a landfill. Picture craftsmen fashioning musical instruments from trash. Hear music and hope.

Today I blog at, where you can see my other posts “because life happens every day.”

The LandFill Harmonic makes music from the trash people dump.

In a landfill as big as hill.

A slum on a landfill called home to families who live off the trash.

The trash belongs in the landfill. The people don’t.

They are not trash.

You are not trash either.

Whatever nasty name a dad or mom or teacher or a commercial or a bully or jerk said to you, it’s a lie. You are treasure.

See the HOPE of the eyes of these beautiful, intelligent, uncomplaining kids, happy to make do with what they have. So unlike American kids. And adults. Like me. Like you?

Listen to this “butterfly” music, as one landfill girl says.

Do you feel the hope?

Landfill Harmonic movie teaser from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo.

Question: What do you like best about the video? Please leave a comment. Thanks.

Hope to You!


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