Do you counsel in person only?

The short answer: no. As technology has grown, so have the ways to counsel effectively.

1. In person. In this traditional setting of counseling, you and I would meet in my offices in Winfield, Illinois, a western Chicago suburb, and in Sycamore, Illinois, at Sycamore Baptist Church (where I attend with my family).

2. By Skype using a webcam. We “meet” face to face, knocking down geographic boundaries. In case you aren’t familiar with Skype, it is a free service accessed from your computer, table, or smart phone. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. FaceTime is another way I’ve counseled women and families.

3. By phone. In rare situations, I counsel counselees by phone in cases where we have an established relationship. This permits you to get help without traveling or using a computer.

4. Webinars/email. I provide additional help through webinars as well as follow-up emails.

Does Christian biblical counseling differ from psychotherapy?

Yes. Psychotherapy is secular counseling and relies on human reasoning for answers to life’s questions. Christian biblical counseling, also known as pastoral counseling, depends upon the power of God to build a comprehensive, compassionate approach to who we are, what went wrong, and how to solve the issues of the soul. Secular counseling assumes that there is no final authority. Biblical counseling believes that God has given us all that we need for life and godliness.

What should one expect during a biblical counseling session?

Expect Lucy to listen to your story and to pray. She’ll listen to you and talk with you like Jesus spoke with hurting people: the woman at the well (John, chapter 4), the woman who’d bled for 12 years (Matthew, chapter 9), and the woman caught in adultery (John, chapter 8) as well as many others he encountered.

She’ll help you see your situation in the grand story of redemption and give hope, and together you’ll make achievable toward lasting heart change. As your inner self aligns with God’s plans and purposes for you, you’ll experience contentment and peace

What are your fees?

The standard fee is  is $80 a session. Each session is 55 minutes. An initial/extended session is $120 and 90 minutes.

You may significantly lower your counseling costs by choosing a discounted 10-session package.

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