How to Get God’s Favor


Dealing with disappointment is hard. You know that. I know that. You didn’t lose the 10 pounds you vowed to drop by July 1 (or gain the 10 — a sliver of a minority, I know). Your teen (actually mine!) has filled out a dozen-plus job applications and had three interviews and still no job. […]

How to Be Free of Any Addiction


Isn’t it true some addictions look harmless? Yet anything that enslaves you harms you. Thank God, He empowers you to overcome an addiction. Hard work helps. Workaholism harms. Eating good food — delicious. Eating for comfort — no good. Clothing your kids in cute outfits rocks. A shopping addiction hurts. Karrie’s story Driving her minivan to […]

How to Stop Ugly Thoughts


Every woman has ugly thoughts. Good news: You can replace ugly thoughts with truthful thoughts and renew your mind. Here’s a tool for you. Grab paper and a pen. It’s time to chart. Today you learn how to: 1. Identify an ugly thought you believe. 2. Recognize the link between your thoughts and your feelings, […]

Does Gospel-Centered Counseling Really Work?

happy woman

Does gospel-centered counseling really work? Isn’t this a crucial question for biblical counselors and counselees? Listen to this story. Meet Ashley and Nate Ashley and her husband, Nate, met with Pastor Bob Kellemen at church the day after their twin sons’ eleventh birthday. With tears streaming down her face, Ashley shared that twenty-five years earlier, not […]

Ask the Counselor: I Messed Up BIG


In this “Ask the Counselor,” a counselee asked me a personal question. We had counseled for a couple months — and topics like emotional adultery, porn, addiction, same-sex attraction had woven into our conversations. {BONUS: Grab the download at the end of this post. It’ll help you COMMUNICATE well and wonderfully!}  I appreciated her candor, […]