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Ask the Counselor: I Messed Up BIG

In this “Ask the Counselor,” a counselee asked me a personal question. We had counseled for a couple months — and topics like emotional adultery, porn, addiction, same-sex attraction had woven into our conversations. {BONUS: Grab the download at the end of this post. It’ll help you COMMUNICATE well and wonderfully!}  I appreciated her candor, […]

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Is Dieting a Sin?

Is dieting wrong in God’s eyes? Is it (gulp) a sin? Diets. Gotta love them, gotta hate them. We love slimming to look better and feel energetic. We hate diets because we feet deprived, grouchy, and depressed when we regain the weight we worked hard to lose. I have a crazy Weight Watchers story. You can […]

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speak well

Speaking Well to Your Soul

Did you know that you say mean things to yourself countless times a day? Between our pierced ears, we speak a gazillion foul phrases, like: “I’m not good enough.” “Ugly. . .that’s me.” “I’m so stupid.” “Nobody cares about me.” Sound familiar? We women bash our brains and souls many times a day. You. Me. […]

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HELP: I Need Grace!

How I need grace! You too? The next few weeks, let’s discover your true identity in Christ. As you discover your true identity, you’ll see how God has extended you grace, or unmerited favor, which is a church-y way of saying that Jesus made a way for you to know him and love him, not because […]

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PTSD, Abuse and HOPE!

God loves to heal women sexually abused as children, who often develop PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Are you among them? Do you know someone who is? First, let’s get real: Two Truths 1. You are not alone. 2. There is hope. Tragically, among the deepest crises is sexual abuse. It sickens the soul and […]

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