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PTSD, Abuse and HOPE!

God loves to heal women sexually abused as children, who often develop PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Are you among them? Do you know someone who is? First, let’s get real: Two Truths 1. You are not alone. 2. There is hope. Tragically, among the deepest crises is sexual abuse. It sickens the soul and […]

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Hope in a Disaster

Flip on the Weather Channel and what do I see: forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, storm surges, bizzards, floods and my latest “favorite”: the polar vortex that froze Florida and kept my family and kitties snuggly at home for three straight days. These natural disasters — or “acts of God” in insurance parlance — are in truth. . .crises. Faced […]

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My Website Gets a Face-Lift!

Welcome to my website, friends. Notice something new? fresh? hope-filled? My website is undergoing a face-lift, thanks to the folks at Caffee Creek Creatives, led by gal pal and strategist extraordinaire Sweetie Berry. It ached for a clear reflection of Lost? Following steps toward my goal of helping women have hope, I stumbled. My focus […]

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Freedom from Any Addiction

Isn’t it true some addictions look GOOD? Yet anything that binds you harms you.  Thank God, He empowers you to win. Hard work helps. Workaholism harms. Eating good food — yum. Eating for comfort — ouch. Clothing your kids in cute outfits rocks. A shopping addiction hurts. Listen to Karrie’s story. Driving her minivan to […]

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Is Dieting a Sin?

Is dieting wrong in God’s eyes? Is it (gulp) a sin? Diets. Gotta love them, gotta hate them. We love slimming to look better and feel energetic. We hate diets because we feet deprived, grouchy, and depressed when we regain the weight we worked hard to lose. I have a crazy Weight Watchers story. You can […]

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Mama Needs a Time Out

I asked a few hundred women in a Facebook group this Q: What is your top mama need? Three kept popping up:  A support system of family and friends, time alone, and encouragement. Psst: If yours isn’t listed, please send me a contact message and I’ll address yours in a blog post or give you an answer […]

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So Are You a Winner?

Crazy, book-loving me. I ran three back-to-back book giveaways in mid April. Many entries–thank you thank you thank you–and five winners. In a sec, I’ll announce the book giveaway winners. First. . . A Redefinition Lots of folks on Facebook and Twitter and People magazine and “The Voice” (and, sadly, too many in the church)–they […]

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