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Write Where You Hurt

Write Where You Hurt

Wouldn’t you like a valuable tool to help you heal? A tool that helps you uncover truths and connect dots? If the thought of journaling unnerves you, no worries. You can draw or doodle bits of your story. I’ll give you a prompt in a moment. Did you know writing/drawing is healing? All you need […]

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How to Improve Your Emotions

How to Improve Your Emotions

Do you want better emotions? Who doesn’t?! This article first appeared at Biblical Counseling Center, where I’m on staff as a counselor and communication director.–Ed. Your difficult emotions like anger, fear, and sadness – and your happy-joy-love ones too – communicate important information to you. This is wonderful: As you grasp the meaning of your emotions and learn how […]

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4 Awesome Reasonsto Prayer-Walk

4 Awesome Reasons to Prayer-Walk!

Do you want decompress? When you prayer-walk, your peace and joy returns. Here’s why. Here’s how. Have you slumped through a day when everything seemed wrong? Maybe you got a pay cut, or your computer crashed, or the pet barfed on the carpet. You’ve had up to your eyebrows with the pressure of stress, and […]

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How to Handle a Bad Friendship

Some women are roses, a few are thorns. But even rose bushes have thorns, so how do you handle the hurt? Two solutions pop into mind. 1. Drop your friend. 2. Stick with your friend. Which solution seems best to you? What choice have you made in the past when a friend has hurt you? Is […]

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3 Things to Do After a Mistake

After a mistake that hurts someone, isn’t it mind boggling that you can have forever forgiveness? This forever forgiveness is an amazing gift Jesus gives to those who love him. Jesus says all your mistakes (i.e., your ugly sin) are forgiven — past, present, and future. Tomorrow’s jealous glance at the neighbor’s shiny Lexus? Forgiven. Next month’s hurtful words? […]

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