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What God Says About Self Care!

With self care, a woman flourishes. Yet we women often stumble into a dangerous trap: self neglect. When you neglect yourself, it’s tough to be the mom-friend-worker-wife God desires. You may become anxious, angry, moody, and self-absorbed. You may also become physically and spiritually weak. Self care is taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, intellectually, and […]

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Don’t Make This Counseling Mistake

I made a monster counseling mistake . . . as a counselee. My mistake? Assumptions! I wrongly assumed a Christian counselor would counsel according to the truths of the Bible. Before continuing, may I say this? There are wise Christian counselors trained as professional state-licensed counselors who counsel hurting people with the gospel of Christ. Perhaps […]

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How to Stop Ugly Thoughts

Every woman has ugly thoughts. Good news: You can replace ugly thoughts with truthful thoughts and renew your mind. Here’s a tool for you. Grab paper and a pen. It’s time to chart. Today you learn how to: 1. Identify an ugly thought you believe. 2. Recognize the link between your thoughts and your feelings, […]

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Is Mother’s Day Hard for You? Me Too.

Is Mother’s Day hard for you? It is for me. And for three kids.  It’s tough for me because my mom (top photo, above) was my best friend and she died in the middle of the night. Too soon. Only 62. Sudden heart attack. I cried on and off for two years. Have you grieved […]

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Do Smart Women Need Counseling?

We women want help. We need help.  But is counseling for you. . .especially if you’re smart, or gifted? (Smart and gifted include every realm of life. You make be gifted–posses a high innate ability–in an area other than academics. Me? Counseling.)  From PMS to hot flashes, from toilet training kids to nudging young adults out […]

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