The Ultimate Goal of Biblical Counseling!

heart change

As you probably know, biblical counseling is my passion. It also is my work. I’m a certified biblical counselor on staff at Biblical Counseling Center in greater Chicago, where we meet with counselees in person and by Skype. Some of you may wonder, What’s the ultimate goal of biblical counseling? Are you unsure of what biblical […]

How to Stop Food Cravings

how to stop food cravings

You’re driving and out of nowhere a food craving strikes. It comes quick. It comes strong. You may crave a Snickers bar or chips or ice cream or a Ding Dong. Perhaps you salivate thinking of strawberries, carrots, or freshly baked multi-grain bread. Up the road sits a 7-Eleven, beckoning. Choose Your Choice  What should you do? […]

Practical Help for PTSD!

practical help for pstd

Women who’ve faced a significant trauma sometimes develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the name given when a person struggles greatly after a very difficult situation. It has been described as a “normal reaction to an abnormal situation.” PTSD affects many more people than combat veterans and people who endured 9/11 closeup. 70 percent of adults […]

Discover Your True Identity and Why It Matters!

How to Recognize Lies

Discover your true identity, and you can battle lies and live from the truth. You know you have an enemy who lies, don’t you? He is Satan, the father of lies. He and his demons tempt you to think rotten ideas about your worth. Have you heard thoughts like, “You aren’t good enough! You aren’t […]

Think Bad Thoughts?


By bad thoughts, I mean negative and untrue thoughts generated by the words we speak to our souls. These words are silent to others but loud between our own pierced ears. Words like: “I’m not good enough.” “Ugly. . .that’s me.” “I’m so stupid.” “Nobody cares about me.” “I’m a horrible mom.” “Loser.” Do any of these sound familiar? […]