A Christian biblical counselor. . .

As a child I knew emotional pain. I leaned toward girls like me. Quiet, shy, invisible girls. Girls with hurts. With secrets. In my early 30s, I tripped into a black hole of depression. God “mothered” me back to life, then whispered a call to my heart, confirmed by scripture. He said, “Bind up the injured” and “strengthen the weak” (Ezekiel 34:16) and led me to study pastoral care to women at Western Seminary, Portland. Later I trained to become a certified biblical counselor through the Association of Biblical Counselors. As God have me hope, I give real hope for real hope to women online and in my community.

radio show host. . .

On my online radio show, Christian women share stories of  real hope after real hurts — including hope in spite of abortion, depression, fear, adultery, abuse, divorce and more. Listen to my radio archives.

Speaker. . .

Speaking in front of people weakened my knees then God nudged me, “Tell your story, Lucy.” And so my speaking ministry began. Nowadays – by God’s power, not my own — I share “Spiritual CPR,” “Hope in the Storm,” and other topics at women’s events. See a video sample of my speaking.

Writer. . .

I wrote three health books in the 1990s, selling more than 150,000 copies. Then God put down my pen. Our newly adopted baby had significant developmental delay. I prayed, “Lord, will I ever write another book?”and hoped for a “Yes,” not for me but for John, because if God gave a nod then I knew my little guy would be okay. And he is. He’s my miracle child. But that’s another story. God used my break from writing to heal broken places in my own life.

A resource to leaders in ministry to women. . .

How strange that God would lead a shy girl who couldn’t “girl talk” into ministry to women. I have served as a women’s ministry director, a Bible study leader, welcome center helper, and shepherding team founder. Now I gather resources for women in ministry. Why? Like every ministry leader I’ve experienced lack of community and a lack of resources to help me help the women I’ve served. You have access to an ever-growing number of resources as well as our community.

Married to Stephen, a pastor. . .

Just out of college, Steve and I said our “I do’s.” A couple years ago we celebrated our silver anniversary. Steve is a businessman and the pastor of Grace Life Church, which we planted.

And mom to Laura, Julia, and John.

Laura, a young adult with a compassionate heart, works behind the scenes in a ministry. High-schooler Julia wants to play point guard in college and be a teacher, coach, and youth pastor. God put a song in John long ago. Our 14-year-old plays guitar and makes YouTube videos. 

extra, extra, extra

Addictions: Dark chocolate, Starbucks’ black iced tea (strong, no sugar).

Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory.

Hobbies: Reading, working out at the gym, karate. I proclaimed Jesus at my black belt test. Read about it in this blog post.

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