Lucy’s Story

God met me at the library. Twenty-three years old, newly married and out of work, I scanned the shelves for redecorating books. I wanted something, anything, to turn my two-bedroom apartment into a home. Someplace cozy for my husband, Laces (our shy beige kitty) and me. God had another idea. A better idea.

Cradling several books, I stepped toward the 200s feeling jittery like a high school kid on Red Bull.

Weird. Why am I here?

Flanked by books on religion, I slid out Basic Christianity by John Stott. Simple, direct, basic like the title said. So basic I felt stupid. I looked left, right. No one near me. Good. I stuck it back and grabbed a fat book. An important book. That’s better.

I scanned several pages. Groan.

Back to Basic Christianity and my spirit quickened. A new problem: What would the check-out clerk think? Seriously, BASIC Christianity. She’ll think I’m stupid.

Today, as I look back, I know this moment was holy. God faced the evil one on my behalf. Would God win? Or my foolish pride? The serpent appealed to Eve’s ambition to be like God, would I bow down to pride, fear, self-importance?

You know who won. God. He guided me from the checkout (the clerk didn’t bat an eye) to my little apartment, where I devoured the simple book and invited Jesus to make his home in me. I sensed God’s Spirit in me. A peace and joy I cannot describe replaced my restlessness. When my husband came home, I hugged him big and said, “Guess what I did today, honey?”

Later, I asked to borrow his Bible, a soft cover New Testament that I read over and over and over. God knew I loved books.

So he gave me his very best. Thank you, Jesus.

How I Became a Biblical Counselor. . .

As a child I knew emotional pain. I leaned toward girls like me. Quiet, shy, invisible girls. Girls with hurts. With secrets. In my early 30s, I tripped into a black hole of depression. God “mothered” me back to life, then whispered a call to my heart, confirmed by scripture. He said, “Bind up the injured” and “strengthen the weak” (Ezekiel 34:16) and led me to study pastoral care to women at Western Seminary, Portland. Later I trained to become a certified biblical counselor through the ABC and am seeking additional certification from ACBC, formerly NANC.  . As God have me hope, I counsel hope to the heart of women, couples, and families in greater Chicago and all over the world by Skype.

radio show host. . .

On my online radio show, Christian women share stories of  hope as God healed their hurts — including abortion, depression, fear, adultery, abuse, divorce and more. Listen to my radio archives.

speaker. . .

Speaking in front of people weakened my knees then God nudged me, “Tell your story, Lucy.” And so my speaking ministry began. Nowadays – by God’s power, not my own — I share “Untwisting Lies Moms Believe” and other talks at women’s events. 

writer. . .

I wrote three health books in the 1990s, selling more than 150,000 copies. Then God put down my pen. Our newly adopted baby had significant developmental delay. I prayed, “Lord, will I ever write another book?”and hoped for a “Yes,” not for me but for John, because if God gave a nod then I knew my little guy would be okay. And he is. He’s my miracle child. But that’s another story. God used my break from writing to heal broken places in my own life.

a resource to leaders in ministry. . .

How strange that God would lead a shy girl who couldn’t “girl talk” into ministry to women. I have served as a women’s ministry director, and Bible study leader. Now I gather resources for women who need hope and women who help the hurting. Here are some resources  for you.

married to Stephen. . .

Just out of college, Steve and I said our “I do’s.” A few years ago we celebrated our silver anniversary. Steve is a businessman, teacher, and pastor of Grace Life Church.

and mom to Laura, Julia, and John.

Laura, a young adult with a compassionate heart, is married to Andy and works behind the scenes in a ministry. College student Julia plays point guard at her college and is studying to become a teacher and coach. God put a song in John long ago. Our high schooler plays guitar and makes YouTube videos. 

extra, extra, extra

Addictions: Dark chocolate, Starbucks’ black iced tea (strong, no sugar).

Favorite song: “Unshackled” by MaryMary.

Hobbies: Reading, walking, and playing with my cat, Polly.

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