Loneliness touches every woman — at least sometimes. Would you like to know five godly solutions to loneliness?

Some single women may feel lonely in their singleness, and married women in their marriages. Being transplanted from one part of the country to another brings on lonely feelings, as do broken friendships. Even happy events like the wedding of a son or daughter — and all the changes it brings — may usher in a melancholy of loneliness. Other women feel lonely in their shame, their fear, or their anger.

Have you experienced an upheavel like a move? or lost employment? or a health issue?

Are you battling lies that your are “not enough”? Destructive emotion can spiral into loneliness too.

Here are 5 practical solutions to loneliness.

  1. Do not give in to self-pity. Self-pity is a perfectly natural emotion but it cripples. At first self-pitying thoughts are comforting. It is a false comfort since you are holding anger inside, creating more loneliness.
  2. Believe what God says about you. Don’t listen to the lies the world tells you. Don’t listen to the lies you tell yourself. Believing lies leads to greater loneliness. Believe the truth of your true identity in Christ.
  3. Draw close to the Lord. Among the many ways to draw near to Jesus: Listen to praise music; read Scripture and think on it, asking God for wisdom in applying it to your life; pray; belong to a Christian fellowship.
  4. Get a physical exam by a medical doctor. What does this have to do with loneliness? Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. If you have a physical condition that zaps your energy, then getting care may make friendships easier. My adult daughter, for instance, had undiagnosed hypothyroidism and slept A LOT and feel down deep sad. Then a blood test revealed the core physical problem, she began prescribed medication, and she reengaged with her friends and coworkers.
  5. Take a risk and show love to others. I remember when our family moved to a new town and I desperately wanted to make friends in my new church. For a month or so the church ladies talked to me, then nothing. Feeling lonely and deserted, I prayed, “Lord, make the church ladies show me hospitality and friendship.”

Amazing to me, as I reached out to the women (see solution #5), I felt more connected. I cannot say that all the loneliness fluttered away. But I felt better and, more important, I was doing what God directed. A woman on a stamp-out-loneliness mission!

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What has helped you feel less lonely? Which of the 5 solution might you try this week?

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