lucy-home-page smaAre you struggling? Do you need answers to the problems of life? 

There is hope!


I believe that God has given us everything we need to know Him and to live a godly life that pleases Him.

As you believe God's promises and apply his Word to your life, you will experience inner calm and contentment. Many counselees see significant progress in a few months, often less.

I counsel women and familes. The most common are those struggling with:

  • emotions (fear, depression, anger, grief)
  • a marriage in trouble
  • sexual sin
  • parenting questions

During our time together -- by Skype or in person -- we'll seek God's solutions.

Do you want to get well?
Then let's get started!

My Services


What others are saying about Lucy:

"When I started seeing Lucy for counseling, I was desperate. I wasn't sure what was going on with me, but knew I needed help. I am so glad I made the call to Lucy. I never felt judged by her for the things I spoke about. Instead of religious platitudes, Lucy really LISTENED to me and prayed for me. Each and every time, she gently pointed to the Shepherd. I am so very grateful for Lucy Ann Moll and Biblical Counseling." ~Lynn

What others are saying about Lucy:

"I've known Lucy and her family for than 15 years. She has a quiet spirit, a deep compassion, a solid knowledge of the Bible, and a mature relationship with the Lord. With few counselors like Lucy in our community. we're blessed to have her as a resource for pastors and hurting women. She values the sanctity of marriage and counsels a man only with his wife present. I highly recommend Lucy." ~Stephen R. Persson, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Sycamore, IL